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The Variable Speed Drives Specialists

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 Danfoss VLT Drives Training
If you already have Danfoss drive products on your site, Dane Energy can provide in-depth, official, Danfoss VLT training
This can be very useful if you have plant / machinery that is crucial to your business, such as water pumps, extraction fans, process/production lines, compressors etc. -
Good training can mean your staff can be your first-line of support, and this may make a real difference if minimal" down-time" is essential
There are standard basic Training Units
available and if we can take some time to discuss your applications and processes with you, we can "tailor" the course to reflect your drives on site, we would also discuss the level of training you seek this could be from a technician/maintenance engineer right through to design/project engineering
For your convienience we can run these courses at your site or a local hotel for instance.
For further details and pricing please contact us or contact Danfoss
This service is discounted for Dane Energy GOLD  Members












Typical Training Day




Available Support Services

24 hrs. Technical Support

How to… Support documentation – where to find free downloads and what is available.

Manuals and Certification for the product Certification for the course Training Feedback Sheets


AC Motors – The Basics                                 


Motor construction                                              

Basic theory


Rotating magnetic field                                      

Data required to select and setup a drive  


Variable Speed Drives - General

AC Drive Theory – the basics – what is a VSD?

Black Box - let’s look at a Danfoss VLT – common features in “the family”

Basic Block Diagram

Referencing and Communications (V Basic) PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) v/Hz ratio


Common Pitfalls

Basic explanation of RFI and Filtering/Cable Runs Installation and good practices Constant Torque or Variable Torque?

Load Sharing and Dynamic Braking – how does it work ?


Detailed Product Training  

The VLT XXXXXXXX 6000?5000?FC102?FC302? (what is on your site?) Spares and Support General Product Overview – Features and benefits – Design Philosophy Keypad and Parameter Menu Structure Common faults / Pitfalls / Hints / Tricks Danfoss Configurator


Hands on training

Keypad and Parameter Structure

Basic Settings – Short Menu

Monitoring V /Hz / I / Digital Inputs

AMA – the Benefits (Automatic Motor Adaption = “Tuning” the VSD Status Indication / Faults & Warnings Menu Structure for parameters Set-ups / Copy to keypad – download to drive


Exercises…Practical…..using demo gear


Danfoss “set-up” software = Motion Control Tool - MCT 10

Where do I get my download from?

Parameter Changes

Uploading and storing set-ups

Downloading Set-ups

Scope Function

Other Features


Final Question and Answer Session / Feedback Sheets