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Worry no more, this is "technical Zen"


The concept is simple, Dane Energy discuss your application with you,

in terms of control philosophy (how drive will be started, stopped, controlled)


We will then provide the "SET-UP" software and documentation for YOUR application. We can provide this service even if you have a preferred supplier of Danfoss products already, This means your variable speed drive will be "application ready" and therefore "down-time" or commissioning time is minimised


We are also happy to go through the set-up with your engineering staff, so that they understand the basics or the product and know how it is set up to function 


We just near a clear understanding of your requirements, then we can "tailor" the drive to suit the application. To gather this information we would initialy speak on the telephone for a few minutes, Give us a call! 


This service is free to Dane Energy GOLD  Members

                          contact us for details 



Assist us to complete a SmartSpec form which describes your application in detail, Then we can provide you with:  


Set of “Control Circuit Diagrams” basic wiring diagram for installation

MCT10 Software for your VLT - this sets the parameters in the drive to your application

Application specific training–familiarise your staff with installed VLT product and set up

Record of parameter settings on file for future replacements – You’re “future proof”

Turn-key support on your project and for your engineer


Take ‘em out of the box …download the software….plug “n” play......

you’re away!





Mick Jennings - Dane Energy Limited :

Member of IEEE with 14 years of technical experience of Danfoss VLT Products and options