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The Carbon Trust 

& "Enhanced Capital Allowances"





Carbon Trust - Enhanced Capital Allowances
We have also been involved in applying for (on behalf of Danfoss's VLT products) inclusion on the Carbon Trusts "Energy Technology List" and familiar with the procedures This means there are tax incentives to purchase Danfoss VLT products and these benefits are based on the cost of the Variable Speed Drive, the installation and the commissioning of the system


Pumps and Fans Everywhere!

There are millions of applications for standard AC 3-phase motors throughout industry - But most are on pumps and fans. These pumps and fans could be part of your process or part of the heating venting system, cooling systems etc. Most of these motors are "fixed speed" and run at a speed depending on the number of poles the motor has. Pressure or flow is then adjusted by "Dampers" or Valves" which are basically "doors" or "taps" where the flow is adjusted by fully shutting the "door" (for zero flow) or opening the door (for max flow) or somewhere in between This means the pump (or fan) is normally working hard against a door which is half shut...this is a waste of energy! ....Anywhere where the demand is less than the maximum available there is a opportunity to save money!



Save 50% of the Energy
Variable Speed Drives vary the speed of a standard AC (3 phase) motor so this means you can infinitely vary the speed of your pump and fan to the required pressure or flow ALSO the drive can "self-adjust" so when the demands are high, the drive can go back to running at full or a higher speed

As a "rule of thumb" if your application affords a turn down speed of 20% (i.e. running at 80% speed) you will save 50% of the power normally consumed.

This is due to the shape of the pump or fan curve and is basic physics - We at Dane Energy can look at your applications on site and calculate the savings that can be made - not only this - we can also specify an AC drive and calculate how long the unit will take to pay for itself!

We can also commission the drive to give optimum performance and the greatest energy savings for your individual needs.  Or if you can discuss the appliction with us, we can supply a pre configured drive,engineered to your application - Please see SmartSpec


Basic data is required to calculate payback times :
What do you pay per unit of electricity?....power rating of motor?...what is the duty of the pump or fan? (when does it run/off and on profile) and the speed you can run down to and still meet the requirements of the process

Many applications can have a payback of well under a year - but this will depend on the application and we will advise the best cases to attempt first.  Further to this and due to the Governments Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme you can set 100% of the costs of the AC drive, the installation and commissioning against your Corporation Tax

These ECA's where designed to be an "antidote" to the Climate Change Levy which is a tax levied on business to increase the price of energy so as to reduce energy consumption

(more data on the Carbon Trust Website
However a lot of companies have just absorbed the extra cost without looking into ways to offset the huge tax different......



Take advantage of the benefits and be happy!....


You have reduced your employers "carbon footprint"........

and saved your company money too!