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The Variable Speed Drives Specialists

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Purchase drives from a truly “dedicated” supplier of drives






We supply:

Danfoss VLT® Variable Speed Drive Products


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VLT HVAC Drive (FC-102)


VLT Aqua Drive (FC-202)


VLT Automation Drive (FC-302)


VLT Micro (FC-051)


VLT 2800 Series


VLT FCM Drive/Motor


VLT FCD De-Central Drives





We can recommend replacements for: (including options)


  • VLT6000 Series (now obsolete)
  • VLT5000 Series (now obsolete)
  • VLT3500 Series (now obsolete)
  • VLT3000 Series (now obsolete)


If you have a faulty VLT5000/VLT6000 though these products are now obsolete, we may be able to supply a new unit, as we have access to service stock*- Please call for further details

Just call us with the original order code


*Ask us for prices on Official Danfoss Training*


*Ask us for prices of Danfoss Approved Repairs*